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Sheet bending process is a procedure that allows giving a certain shape to metal products commonly used in the industrial and construction sectors. Metal plates, bars or pipes are generally used during this process. Modern sheet bending machines, equipped with automatic control systems, are capable of precise measurements and high performance.

The sheet bending process has a significant place in the production of products used in many different sectors. For example, sheet bending process is used in the production of many products such as roofing, wall cladding, window frames, doors, stairs, railings in the construction sector. Additionally, it is used in the manufacturing of vehicle chassis, engine parts, body parts in the automotive sector, and tractor parts and agricultural tools in the agriculture sector.

During the sheet bending process, metal plates are bent, cut, drilled, and welded. As a result of these operations, metal plates are bent to the desired shape and size according to the predetermined dimensions, and the desired products are obtained. After the sheet bending process, paint or coating operations can be carried out on the products, and the final products can be produced in different shapes and sizes according to customers’ needs and demands

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