Rectangular tubes are structural elements made from steel plates with a rectangular shape, and they are one of the most commonly used metal products in manufacturing. These elements are considered an important material for the support systems of structures.

Rectangular tubes can be produced in various sizes and thicknesses, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. These elements can be used in many different areas, including construction, where they can be used for load-bearing frames, door and window frames, ceiling and wall coverings, bridges, and other structures.

There are many advantages to using rectangular tubes. Steel is a popular material due to its high strength, durability, long life, and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, due to its low cost and easy production, it is commonly used in the construction sector.

Because rectangular tubes can be produced in various shapes and sizes, they are considered an ideal option for many different applications. Furthermore, they are increasingly being used because they are an environmentally friendly material.

Usage areas

  1. Frame and Railings: Rectangular profile is produced in various sizes and is therefore widely used in frame and railing construction. It is preferred for security purposes, especially in areas such as balconies, stairs and terraces.
  2. Roof and Facade Coverings: Rectangular profile is also used in roof and facade coatings. Since it is a durable material, it is resistant to various weather conditions and has a long life.
  3. Rails and Channels: Rectangular profile is also used in the industrial field. It is especially preferred in rail and channel construction. In this way, it facilitates the movement of machinery and equipment.
  4. Furniture and Shelf Systems: Rectangular profile can also be used in furniture and shelf systems. It is preferred in this field as it is both durable and light material. It also provides a modern look.
  5. Automotive and Transportation Vehicles: Rectangular profile is also used in the production of automotive and transportation vehicles. It is especially preferred in body and chassis construction. In this way, the safety of the vehicles is increased and they are made more durable.

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