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Black Sheet, a variant of steel sheet, stands as a versatile material with widespread applications across various industries. Formed through cutting steel into thin sheets or rolling it, the initial product boasts a protective oil layer, earning it the name “Black Sheet.”

Manufactured in diverse thicknesses and sizes, the variability depends on the quality of the materials used in steel production and the specific manufacturing process. The shaping of steel occurs through either hot or cold rolling methods, with hot rolling involving high-temperature shaping and cold rolling transpiring at lower temperatures.

Utilized in an array of industrial applications, Black Sheet finds its place in roofing, wall cladding, steel structure manufacturing, vehicle production, white goods manufacturing, solar energy systems, kitchenware, and more. Typically, its dimensions range from 1000-1500 mm in width, 2000-6000 mm in length, and thickness varies between 0.5-25 mm.

Black Sheet distinguishes itself as a durable, long-lasting, and robust material, offering economic advantages over stainless steel. This affordability contributes to its extensive use in the construction and industrial sectors.

In summary, Black Sheet, with its protective oil layer and diverse size options, emerges as a go-to steel sheet for multifaceted applications in construction and industry. Its durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice across various structural uses.

Usage areas

    1. Roof and Facade Coatings: Renowned for its durability and cost efficiency, the DKP sheet profile is extensively employed in roof and facade cladding. Its use alongside insulation materials enhances energy efficiency in roof coverings.

    2. Frame and Railings: With the availability of various sizes, DKP sheet metal profiles are a popular choice in frame and railing construction. Particularly favored for security purposes, they find applications in areas like balconies, stairs, and terraces.

    3. Industrial Structures: The robust DKP sheet metal profile is well-suited for industrial structures, including factories, warehouses, and workshops. Its high durability makes it a preferred material for the supporting elements of diverse machinery and equipment.

    4. Shelf and Storage Systems: In the realm of shelf and storage systems, the DKP sheet profile excels as a durable and lightweight material. Beyond functionality, it contributes to a modern aesthetic.

    5. Automotive and Transportation Vehicles: The DKP sheet metal profile plays a crucial role in the production of automotive and transportation vehicles. Its preference in body and chassis construction enhances vehicle safety and durability.

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